Start Your Co-op Internship Experience Now!

Co-op internships are flexible and rewarding. Begin a co-op internship any time during the school term. You will gain on-the-job experience in a business or organization which adds meaning and direction to your total education.


  • Earn up to 18 credits for paid employment
  • 培养工作技能和自信
  • Receive guidance in career expectations and demands
  • Locate part-time or full-time employment
  • 探索并确认职业选择
  • Develop job contacts and a work history (looks great on your resume)
  • Get instruction and practice in resume preparation and job interviewing skills

Are you ready to begin your Co-op Experience? 

如果你现在是LCC的学生, 联络合作社协调员 在你的学科领域 for more information about setting up a Co-op internship.

如果你还不是LCC的学生, and are intenrested in completing only Co-op credits at LCC, 第一次跟 合作社只有台阶 被LCC录取,然后 联络合作社协调员 在你的学科领域.


查看十大赌博网站官网入口的常见问题解答 或直接十大赌博网站官网入口! f you are unsure what career community the job you are interested belongs to feel free to call the main office at 541-463-5203 or email We will direct you to the appropriate Co-op Coordinator.