Travel Outside of the USA

Authorized Vacation Term

  • Vacation requests for any term should be made ahead of the beginning of the term but no later than the drop deadline.
  • Vacation eligibility comes after 3 consecutive terms of full-time enrollment and must be approved by SEVIS adviser.
  • i -20必须在你离开美国之前签署.S. for a trip to any other country – this includes Canada and Mexico! 去找科尔比·谢尔顿获取你的旅行签名.
  • 你必须填写一张表格 休假申请表 和你的I-20一起放到办公室 一周前 you need your I-20 signed for 旅行 (Link to Leave Form is on 表格及资源 page)
  • International 项目 will review your request form and contact you to pick up your signed I-20 or 不ify you that you are 不 eligible for 旅行 within a week of receiving your completed form.
  • We recommend that you bring your school transcript and/or a copy of your current class schedule with you when you 旅行 so you can prove to immigration officials that you are registered for classes as a student at Lane.
  • 如果你旅行到一个国家以外的国家, you should call or email their embassy beforehand to see if you need a tourist visa. Plan ahead: it can take up to six months to get a visa in some cases!
  • 如果你去你的祖国旅行,你的签证过期了, 你需要在返回美国之前申请新的签证.S.  确保尽早安排签证预约. You need to receive a new visa before being eligible to re-enter the U.S.
  • You should NOT 旅行 to a country other than your home country if your visa has expired because you will 不 be able to reenter the U.S. until your visa is renewed.
  • 每次你离开美国,你都会得到一张新的I-94.
  • 你可能 旅行 the United States and 返回 to the United States during the 15 or 60 day grace period after you finish studying at Lane. 

Leave of Absence (LOA)

  • Leave of Absence occurs when a student is 不 eligible for a vacation term, 也没有注册上课. The student must leave the United States and be out of the country for at least the duration of the term. 必须由SEVIS顾问授权吗. 
  • Leave of Absence (LOA) requests for any term should be made ahead of the beginning of the term but no later than the drop deadline.  Summer term requests must be made no later than the drop deadline for the current enrollment session.
  • No LOA or RCL requests will be authorized after week 8 for Fall, Winter and Spring terms.
  • LOA requests after full time enrollment deadline will be reviewed by a committee  must be accompanied by the following:
    • 所有教师的当前成绩或进度报告

    • 关于LOA紧急原因的文件.  此文档不必是英文的

    • Fill out Leave Form, bring in current I-20 for 旅行 signature

    • 莱恩的帐单必须全部付清.

    • Tuition and insurance refunds for the term will follow Lane policy which means they are generally 不 allowed

    • Student must leave the U.S. 5天内

  • If an ESL student has attempted the course twice they must petition to repeat the class a third time before the I-20 can be reactivated