Program of Study


Courses that must be successfully completed (with a grade of C or better) prior to consideration for admission to the nursing program include anatomy & 生理,营养,生长 & development, math, writing, social science, and electives to total not less than 45 credits.  Additional science courses in biology and microbiology may be completed prior to applying for admission to the nursing program or during the first quarter of the program. 

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Admission to the nursing program is competitive, based on a system of points.  Further information about that process is available by clicking the link for Application Information.  一旦进入护理课程, the student will take a sequence of courses covering Health Promotion, Chronic Illness, Acute Illness, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, 和一个综合实习.  而不需要专门的计算机使用课程, students in the program are required to be competent with word processing and data entry as well as possessing the ability to find needed materials in the LCC library databases or on the internet.

To succeed in the nursing program an individual must have solid reading, writing, math, 科学与学习技巧.  Students considering applying for admission to the Nursing Program are advised to obtain guidance from the appropriate counselor before taking very many of the prerequisite courses and to maintain regular contact with the guidance counselor throughout the process to be aware of any changes in requirements and to be prepared for application deadlines.