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Math 010 students will review whole number skills and learn to compute with fractions and decimals. Concepts, 解决问题, and applications will be integrated into the curriculum to increase students' abilities and to extend their understanding of basic math principles in preparation for higher level math courses. Effective math study strategies and math anxiety issues will be discussed to increase students' confidence in their abilities to succeed in math classes and to use math in daily life. MTH010 is intended for students who need to strengthen their basic math skills before moving on to MTH020. 可以在线提供.

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More Information, Opportunities and 常见问题

我以前知道这一点! 但是我现在想不起来了. 我可以使用哪些资源来复习数学010技能?

If you would like to review math skills from Math 10 before attempting your math placement test, Math10 faculty Adrienne Mitchell created a website with video explanations and practice opportunities for review. 观看视频讲解和练习机会.


1) Review the videos and try the practice exercises BEFORE you take your math placement test and see if you can test at a higher level

-- or--

2) If you have already taken your math placement test and wonder if you could place higher with some review, 花点时间复习并重新参加分班考试.


You may also review by completing practice problems and learning more about the Accuplacer Math test in the 数学预科在线复习网站. There you will also find resources to help you prepare for the Math tests. If you have questions about the 数学预科在线复习网站, 请与数学系联系.

Moodle中有复习资源和测验  (login required) that students can use to test themselves on concepts from Math 10 through 65.

如果您没有Moodle访问权限, 也有复习资源和测验.